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CSC 2018 Membership is Open, Sign up now!

A very Happy New Year greeting to all!

With our lease extended, we are pleased to announce that membership is open. 

The Ordinary Membership entrance fee is at $5,000.  However, during the month of January 2018, we are giving a $1,000 discount off the entrance fee.  

We are also offering the Family Child membership conversion scheme, Term and Youth memberships. 

Type of Memberships:

1.  Ordinary Membership

(a) Entrance fee - S$4,280.00 (Special Promotion: Only for the month of January 2018)

(b) Monthly subscription:

    • $80.25 for Family
    • $64.20 for Single

(c) F & B Deposit - $150.00 (refundable)

2.  Family Child Membership Conversion Scheme

(a) One-time Entrance fee: $535.00

(b) Monthly Subscription: $64.20 (single)

(c) F & B Deposit - $150.00 (refundable)


  • This is a one-time entry fee payment, and no further top-up is required.
  • Convert to Ordinary Membership
  • Available from the age of 21 to 28 years old (ends on 28th Birthday)
  • Club Rule 14 (ii) will apply. 

3.  Term Membership

(a) Entrance fee: $2,140.00

b) Monthly subscription:

    • $80.25 for Family
    • $64.20 for Single

(c) F & B Deposit - $150.00 (refundable)


  • If the Term Member decides to convert to ordinary-membership, at any time during his/her first three years as a Term Member, he/she may offset the ordinary member entry fee of $5,000.00 with the initial $2,000.00 which he/she had paid when he/she joined in the 1st year.
  • Should a Term Member decide to convert on the 4th and subsequent years, no offset to the ordinary member entry fee will be given.

Please click to download:

Membership Application Form

Giro Application Form

4. Youth Membership

A Youth Member who has turned 21 may apply for Ordinary membership. If he/she applies within 1 month of his/her 25th birthday, he/she may offset all member's subscriptions paid against the entrance fee of S$5,000.  This Youth Membership supersedes and replaces the Club’s previous Young Singaporean Scheme and is now available to all nationalities.

(a) Entrance fee:  N.A.

(b) Monthly subscription:   $53.50

  • Open to youth between 18 to 25 years old
  • The payment of 6 months non-refundable subscription in advance
  • No signing facility

Please click to download the Youth Membership Application Form.

How to Register?

You can sign up at our reception office during office hours from 9am to 8.00pm:
Changi Sailing Club
32 Netheravon Road
Singapore 508508
Tel: 6545 2876   Email:  Web:
Opening hours: 9.00am to 8.00pm (Mon to Sun)

Benefits of Membership:

  • Located on the beautiful northeast coast, CSC has the best scenic view of any clubs in Singapore. CSC is a very active sailing club – racing and cruising for keelboats, catamarans, trimarans and dinghies. Cruising trips are held regularly throughout the year. 
  • CSC has many programmes for children such as the youth sailing programme, Optimist and Byte sailing for kids 8 to 15 years on every Saturday and Sunday. We also have a number of MOE school training programmes on weekdays. 
  • CSC has a wide range of sailboats available for charter. Boat usage is available at very reasonable rates. Members can enjoy the great sport of sailing without the cost or expense of owning a boat. Professional instruction is available for those wishing to learn how to sail and enter sailing regattas. A variety of learn-to-sail programmes are offered to meet the needs of beginners to experienced sailors.
  • For those who own boats, affordable swing moorings are offered at $5.35 per foot for sailboats up to 50ft.  Please contact us at for the availability of the mooring. 
  • CSC hosts many social activities such as the New Year’s Eve Countdown Party, Members’ Nights and the many After-Parties organized for our Sailing Regattas.
  • As a member of Changi Sailing Club, you will receive guest privileges at our reciprocal clubs. 
  • Changi Sailing Club has excellent facilities, such as the members’ bar, swimming pool, changing rooms and the Seafix restaurant offering delicious local and international cuisine meals for lunch or dinner. All members are entitled to a 10% discount when they dine at the Seafix restaurant, Kupang Café and Ubin Bar. 
  • Chalets are available for rent so you can spend a weekend away from home. There is no better place to take a walk than along the Changi boardwalk. Enjoy the lush greenery of the coastline, listen to the waves meeting the shore, the call of the birds and complete your evening with a cold beer as you watch the sailboats on the Johor Straits go by.