Sunday Series I 2019 – Race 1

With the North-East Monsoon Season finally over, sailors participating in the first Sunday Series Race of 2019 had to contend with tricky wind conditions on course 5, a refreshing change from the windward leewards between Ubin & Tekong.

The Multihulls seemed visibly tired/exhausted from the past 3 months of racing, as only 2 Beach Catamarans and 1 Trimaran took to the start line. Kaze Kat and Persian Cat were a Nacra 20 and Nacra 5.0 respectively, 2 very different designs from the same company. The former claimed line honours comfortably, and won the race by a slimmer margin after handicap. Chris Waddington’s solo sail on Persian Cat marked her return to racing, we’re excited to see more of Persian Cat over the next 2 months!

In the PY Class, 9 boats contested for podium – and the flames of competition were ignited at the start-line. With it being a downwind start and winds shifting south-south east, sailors tussled for their favoured spot on the line, eventually erupting into a near-collision at the pin-end. Brio emerged 3rd in the fleet after handicap, a few minutes behind 2nd placed Minx. Southern Light continue their winning ways from the recently concluded SailFest Regatta, scoring their first bullet for the Series after corrected time.

Red Rum executed a perfect port tack start, leading the IRC Fleet from start to finish to secure a comfortable win ahead of Shardana and Born in Fire in 2nd & 3rd respectively.

Big thank you to International Jury, Uncle Hong Kit for once again chairing the Protest Committee, together with Jury Members Edwin & Bryan. Thank you everyone for joining us for the first Sunday Series of 2019! We look forward to a delightful afternoon on 30th March, Saturday, where we commence the 1st Lady Helm Race at Changi Sailing Club!

Cruising Multihull
Beach Catamaran

Protest Hearing Decision

SailFest Regatta Day 2

Back with sore and aching muscles after a full day of racing on Day 1, some sailors looked visibly tired making their way down the jetty to prepare their boats on Sunday Morning. The winds delivered on time yet again, but possibly a tad lighter in strength compared to Day 1.

Needing to win races to reclaim her position at the top after an early retirement on Day 1, Doug Fimmell’s Madfish II did exactly that to score 3 victories in the remaining races to win the SailFest Regatta 2019 in the Beach Catamaran Class. Day 1’s leader Bad Influence slipped to 2nd place after struggling to find her place at the top, consistently placing 3rd in races 5 to 7. He also only just barely managed to, beating 3rd placed Nacra 15 on tie-breaker. Being the only Weta on the course, The Blue Bug did well to keep up with the fleet, but struggled to gain any momentum in the largely windward-leeward courses.

The Cruising Multihulls sees tit-for-tat results amongst the top 3, as they took turns to lead throughout the races. Kaze eventually emerged on top, just 1 point ahead of Jaza Two in 2nd and 2 points away from Dash Two in 3rd. Baloo’s returned to racing was shortlived, as they got grounded at Changi Creek right after the start of Race 6. that coupled with a broken tiller meant an early retirement for the duo (David & Chris).

In the PY Class, it was a close fight for 2nd to 4th placings, with Balqis scoring a bullet in Race 5 to secure 2nd 1 point ahead of Brio in 3rd. Minx struggled to gain podium placing in day 2, her best placing being a 3rd in the first race of the day. She settles for 4th, just outside of podium in the overall results. Southern Light claimed the SailFest Regatta 2019 title by a comfortable margin, completing her victory with a bullet in the 6th and final race for the regatta.

Red Rum continued to claim all line honours in the remaining 3 races for the IRC Class, but could not stay ahead of the chasing pack on handicap, as Waka Tere scored 2 wins on corrected time to overtake the Archambault 40 as the IRC winner. Invictus‘s podium finishes (3-1-2) for Races 5 to 7 placed them 3rd overall on 14 points, 1 behind Red Rum. Critical Crew changes made all the difference to Born in Fire‘s performance on Day 2, but it was too little too late as they settled for 4th overall.

2019 CSC Sailing Festival Overall Leaderboard

The SailFest Regatta 2019 concludes 3 months worth of intense racing at CSC in the North-East Monsoon, with a total of 51 boats participating over 4 classes. This does not include the 4 Wetas introduced midway in the season, which brings it to a grand total of 55 boats!

In the Beach Catamaran Class, a consistent effort to participate in all 5 Regattas resulted in a clear victory for Madfish II, skippered by Doug Fimmell. His crew, Erica, also bagged the prince (or princess) of darkness award, given to the most angsty and naughty sailor on water. A hat-trick of wins in the Catamaran Nationals, Commodore’s Cup and SailFest Regatta helped form an insurmountable lead of 6 points over 2nd placed Stray Catz. A 4th and 2nd in the remaining 2 Regattas placed Bad Influence as the best of the rest, finishing this season in 3rd on 21 points.

Consistency really is key for the Cruising Multihulls, as the top 2 boats not only raced in at least 4 out of 5 regattas, but did not win any of them! 1st place went to Eeepai, whose best finish of 2nd in the Signature Sundays and 2-Island Race made it possible for her to become the Sailing Festival 2019 Cruising Multihull Champions on 11 points. Witblits raced in every regatta available to place 3 points adrift. Contrastingly, poor attendance left Cicak in 3rd, despite victories in the 2-Island Race and Commodore’s Cup respectively.

Same could be said for the PY Class, as the top 5 boats participated in at least 4 of the 5 regattas. Lack of crew for the East Johor Race and SailFest Regatta resulted in an initially strong campaign by Ikaroa fizzling out and ending in 5th overall. Arbudhen‘s damage and early retirement in the SailFest Regatta diminished all hope of a podium finish, as she took 4th 3 points behind close rivals, New Blue Eyes. Last year’s PY Champions had to settle for 3rd, struggling throughout the season to find consistent and experienced crew to compete. Newcomers Brio had many things to be thankful for – from a completely refurbished boat to having Paralympian sailor Jovin Tan racing on board for certain regattas, it was definitely a well-deserved 2nd place finish for the young outfit. Missing out on victory by a slim margin on their first campaign in 2018 made victory so much sweeter for newly crowned 2019 CSC Sailing Festival Overall PY Champions Minx. Despite not winning any of the regattas, consistently placing in the top 4 for all regattas gave them a comfortable 3 point lead over Brio.

It was utter dominance by Waka Tere in the IRC Class this season, as they sweeped all regattas sans 2-Island Race. A strong crew consisting of ex and current SMU Sailors made their conquest a lot smoother, while other teams struggled with inconsistent crew rosters. Nearest rivals Jong Dee came closest to dethroning them, but a series of unfortunate events led to an early retirement in the SailFest Regatta. Shardana, Red Rum and Born in Fire all tied on 14 points after 1 discard, but the Italian Stallion emerged on top after the tie-breaker, scoring more podium finishes – thus completing the top 3 in IRC Class.


We’re really glad the NE Monsoon did not disappoint over the past 2 months, one of the key factors to the success of this annual CSC NE Monsoon Sailing Festival. The Club Racing Scene continues to grow, and it is encouraging to see the number of boats participating slowly increasing since its inception in 2017. Congratulations to all the winners, and a big thank you to all 55 boats which sailed with us!

SailFest Regatta Results
Beach Catamaran
Keelboat PY
Keelboat IRC

CSC NE Monsoon Sailing Festival Overall Leaderboard
Beach Catamaran SF_Overall
Cruising Multihull SF_Overall
Keelboat PY SF_Overall
Keelboat IRC SF_Overall


SailFest Regatta 2019 Day 1

The final weekend of racing in this season’s CSC NE Monsoon Sailing Festival kicked off with a solid 4 races for most classes, leaving sailors bruised and battered at the end of day 1. some boats suffered more serious problems, with a start incident resulting in the retirement of Jong Dee & Arbudhen from Race 2 and subsequent races. This coupled with Brio snapping their rudder, Madfish II snapping their spinnaker pole, a grounding from Arbudhen, beach catamarans getting stuck on moorings after launching, wild spinnakers and a few other things made for an exciting and interesting day for all 23 boats participating.

After 4 races, Red Rum finds themselves in an unfamiliar situation, sitting 1 point ahead of Waka Tere at the top of the fleet in the IRC Class. They secured 2 bullets and 4 line honours in the fresh North-Easterly Breeze – made easier with a strong crew outfit. Invictus struggles to break into the top 2, with their best finish being a 2nd in race 4. They now sit in 3rd, 4 points away from Waka Tere. Damage to Jong Dee in the start of Race 2 made it an unexpectedly short day for Paul and crew, despite a stellar performance scoring a bullet in Race 1. Citing the lack of experienced crew after today’s disappointment, Born in Fire will attempt to rectify the issue and look to climbing up the IRC standings in the remaining 3 races tomorrow.

Scoring 3 bullets from 3 races left Southern Light in the driving seat, as Skipper Leslie Sharpe relished the idea of a victory to complete a successful return to Club Racing for Southern Light. Trailing by 4 points is Minx, who are in the running for the overall Sailing Festival PY leaderboard. 2 points adrift is J24 Balqis, whose performance placed her on the podium after 4 races, comfortably 4 points ahead of 4th placed New Blue Eyes. With 3 more races and potential reshuffling due to the activated discard tomorrow, sailors have everything to play for on day 2! Favourites Arbudhen called it an early day after the start line incident resulting in damage to her boat and Jong Dee’s.

In the Cruising Multihull Class, only 1 point separates the top 3 boats – setting the stage for an exciting finish for Kaze, Dash Two and Jaza Two tomorrow. Scoring 2 bullets puts Kaze in the driving seat, but Damien faces a tough challenge from 2019 Trimaran Champions Dash Two and fierce rivals Jaza Too in the remaining 3 races. It was not all happy thoughts as AbracaDeborah gave up on Race 4, succumbing to fatigue – leaving it to Witblits to complete the fleet in 4th.

After 4 races today, Bad Influence leads the Beach Catamaran fleet with 7 points, amidst broken spinnaker poles and unwarranted crashes with boats on the moorings. Favourites Madfish II snapped their spinnaker pole in Race 2, forcing them to retire for Race 3 & 4.  A consistent performance by Nacra 15 skippered by Uli Braun place him 2nd and 1 point ahead of Madfish II in 3rd. Despite being the only Weta Trimaran in the fleet, The Blue Bug was sporting to participate in all 4 races, and CSC is very appreciative of that!

All in all an eventful day 1 of the SailFest Regatta 2019, looking forward to an exciting conclusion over Day 2!


Cruising Multihull
Beach Catamaran



East Johor Straits Race 2019

The East Johor Straits Race returns with more boats this year, but conditions left sailors thinking if the NE Monsoon is finally over. with the winds not going past 10 knots this edition, and a mixed bag of wind directions and currents for them to contend with, the racing conditions were nothing short of challenging.

2018 IRC winners Waka Tere were looking to defend their title, but faced stiff challenge in the form of new entrants Shardana and fierce rivals Jong Dee & Red Rum. With a full crew of ex and current SMU Sailing members, they defended their title superbly by sailing well to the shifts and currents – claiming victory by more than 11 minutes on handicap! 2nd place went to the Italian Stallion, Shardana. Skipper Joe Lombardo does not intend to give up just yet, and will have a renewed fire to dethrone Waka Tere at the SailFest Regatta Finale next week. Despite crossing the line last, Jong Dee pipped Red Rum on corrected time to steal a podium position, rounding off the IRC winners. Red Rum‘s only consolation was line honours, as they struggled to extend their lead on the chasing pack.

In the PY Class, a close battle between Sangaree and Temptress of Down resulted in the former claiming line honours, but settling for 6th on handicap. The fleet suffered 2 retirements, first being Ikaroa, as Michael Kaus struggled to handle his boat solo, and made little gains on the first leg, forcing his decision to retire. Emmanuel II suffered the horrible fate of a dismasting, dramatically ending her sailfest campaign for 2019. 3rd place was claimed by Minx, whose performance puts her in pole position to win the overall SailFest Challenge Trophy in the PY Class. Not to be outdone, fierce rivals Arbudhen scored a 2nd place finish on corrected time, redeeming herself from a sub-par result at last week’s Commodore’s Cup. The honour of first place went to the returning Southern Light, absent from the club for the past month due to boat maintenance. Her victory churns the overall SailFest Standings quite abit, and we can’t wait to see the outcome of the final results next week!

Congratulations to all the winners, we look forward to running the SailFest Finale with everyone next week! Hopefully with a final blast from the NE Monsoon to carry the sailors through the weekend 🙂

EJSR PY 2019

CSC Trimaran Championships Day 2

Day 2 of the CSC Trimaran Championships was an exciting development at the top of the table, as Kaze and Dash Two fought hard to stay ahead of each other at the top of the table, keeping things close all the way till the finishing of the last race. However, a Protest by Kaze against Dash Too for Race 7 will leave us all in suspense, as we confirm the results of the protest and final winners after the protest hearing takes place on Saturday Morning, 16th March.

With only 1 point separating both boats after day 1, Kaze brought the fight to Dash Two with a bullet in Race 5, making it all square in the overall results. Although Jaza Too scored a bullet in Race 6, Dash Two finished ahead of Kaze to set the stage for a showdown in Race 7 – resulting in an exciting finish between both boats for the final race, where Dash Two crossed the line 1 second ahead of Kaze to win on provisional results. However, things ended in a protest which might disqualify Dash Two, effectively postponing overall results presentation till after the protest hearing.

The Weta Trimaran class was a straightforward affair, with Tim Jackson’s Itchy-Go scoring another 3 bullets to sweep the series and become the first Weta Champion at the CSC Trimaran Championships. The tussle between Blue Bug and Striped One saw the former emerge victorious, finishing 2nd in all 3 remaining races to secure his position.

Stay tuned for the final results – thank you all for participating!

Provisional Results (10 March)
Trimaran Overall Provisional
Weta Overall

CSC Trimaran Championships Day 1

Since its inception in 2012, the CSC Trimaran Championships has seen healthy participation from the Corsair and M23 fleet. This year we welcome a new class, the One-Design Weta Trimarans – adding diversity to the growing multihull fleet in Changi Sailing Club. Day 1 was greeted with mixed conditions, and winds clocking nearly a full circle throughout the whole day, presenting the sailors with challenging conditions to tackle over the 4 races.

At the end of Day 1, it looks like a close fight between Dash Two and Kaze, who are now seperated by a point after 4 races. Kaze drew first blood in the 6-7 knot light north-easterly conditions over race 1, opening their account and establishing their position as strong title contenders for the 2019 edition. Dash Two responded with 2 bullets in race 2 and 3, both in very volatile environment, as winds dropped in race 2 and a flash storm approached the course to wreck havoc in race 3. Kaze redeemed themselves by securing a win in race 4 to complete day 1 on 9 points, 1 behind Dash Two. Jaza Too completes the podium in 3rd with an erratic showing of 2-2-3-4 to sit 3 points adrift from the leaders. 4th and 5th placed Eeepai & Witblits will be looking to forget their inconsistent showings today to close the gap on the leaders during the remaining races. Chris Furness’s Baloo struggled with the fluctuating winds and made several crucial mistakes to see her trailing the rest by a fair margin. The only M23 in this fleet faces an uphill task against the slippery Corsairs, and will be pulling all the stops to keep ahead of them tomorrow.

In the Weta One-Design Class, the 3-strong fleet was led by Itchy-Go for all 4 races, as Tim Jackson sailed his boat superbly to sweep 4 victories and sit at the top with 4 points. The Blue Bug and The Striped One battle fiercely for 2nd, and are now tied for 2nd on 10 points each, going into Day 2. It is a refreshing sight to see the Wetas participate in a one-design class, looking forward to seeing more Wetas racing regularly at the Club!

With the East Johor Race taking place early tomorrow morning simultaneously with Day 2 of the Trimaran Championships, it looks like another exciting day on water at Changi Sailing Club! Enjoy the photos and stay tuned for more updates on the remaining races and final results.

Trimaran Overall
Weta Overall

CSC Commodore’s Cup 2019 Day 2

The CSC Commodore’s Cup 2019 continued into day 2 with results for nearly all classes not determined until the final race, keeping us on the edge of our seats all the way till the end of the afternoon. The winds delivered on time again, with a consistent NE wind accompanying the sailors for the remaining 3 races.

In the Beach Catamaran Class, Stray Catz drew first blood in race 4, scoring a bullet in the fresh but slightly lighter air to announce her challenge to leaders Madfish II & PRO20. Madfish II survived a poor performance in the same race to bounce back and defend her title, finishing 2nd & 1st in the remaining 2 races for an overall 6 point victory margin over 2nd placed PRO20. 3rd went to the prince of mischief, Uli Braun’s Allo – who thought it was a good idea to sail a different boat each day (Nacra 15 on Day 1 & Allo on Day 2). The gamble paid off, as Allo scored well in races 4 to 6, sneaking on to the podium with a 1 point difference over 4th placed Bad Influence.

It was heartening and thrilling to see the grit displayed by team Cicak in Day 2 of racing, as they started the day trailing leaders Witblits by 3 points, a big difference considering the Cruising Multihull fleet consists of only 3 boats. Scoring the best possible result of 3 bullets out of 3 races and clawing their way back into the lead after a bad start in race 6 awarded Cicak with a hard-earned Commodore’s Cup 2019 Cruising Multihull Title.

With 2 protests involving 4 boats and constant shuffling of positions throughout the races, day 2 for the PY Class was anything but mundane. Arbudhen could have been in the mix of things at the top of the fleet after scoring their 2nd bullet in race 4, but came out on the losing end of a protest to squander the same race, resulting in a 6th place finish overall. Brio‘s protest against Arbudhen served as a good learning point for all sailors participating in this regatta, and definitely helps to raise and remind us of the importance of exercising the rules to ensure fair sailing. It could have been Minx‘s win for this regatta, if not for missing a mark (NP1) in Race 5, which resulted in a voluntary retirement. They went on to make amends by winning race 6 to complete the series on 13 points, tied with 2nd placed New Blue Eyes but losing on number of firsts. Despite having notched only 1 bullet for the entire regatta, Balqis stayed out of trouble to emerge victorious from the PY tussle, posting consistent top 4 placings for all races for a most deserving win in the PY Class.

Born in Fire was on fire for Day 2, making it 3 bullets from 3 races to bring the fight to IRC leaders Waka Tere. They survived Born in Fire‘s excellent performance to fend off her late onslaught with just a 1 point lead overall, defending their IRC Title for the 2nd consecutive year! Red Rum‘s line honours for all races may not have resulted in a first overall on handicap, but 3rd place was definitely a fitting result for the Archambault 40. 2 false starts over 2 days did not help their cause as the newly crowned Horsburgh Challenge winners Invictus finished just outside of the podium, also citing lack of training and inexperience as some of the hurdles faced during the regatta.

Back on shore the hungry sailors were fed juicy beef burgers and crispy wedges paired with cold beers. This was the perfect end to a long day out at sea and a perfect weekend of competitive keelboat racing. We would like to take this opportunity to thank XSP for sponsoring gift vouchers for the winners of all classes, our Commodore, Mr Jeffrey Leow for gracing the event and all sailors for participating in the 2019 CSC Commodore’s Cup! We look forward to having everyone return this coming weekend for the East Johor Straits Race (10th March) & Trimaran Nationals (9-10 March).

Beach Catamaran
Cruising Multihull
PY Keelboat
IRC Keelboat

Protest Hearing Facts & Decisions


CSC Commodore’s Cup 2019 Day 1

The 2nd year since the return of the CSC Commodore’s Cup did not disappoint, with 22 boats participating in the event. With a fresh NE breeze taking the fleet through the course, sailors enjoyed an afternoon of unadulterated racing in the waters off Changi Sailing Club.

IRC Defending Champions Waka Tere kicked off to a good start, securing 3 bullets from 3 races to sit pretty at the top of the table after day 1. She leads a fleet of formidable challengers, mainly Red Rum, Born in Fire & Invictus, who shared the spoils of 2nd equally amongst each other. After 3 races, only 1 point separates 2nd (Born in Fire on 8 points), 3rd (Invictus on 9 points) and 4th (Red Rum on 10 points). It is anybody’s play tomorrow, and we look forward to an exciting battle in Day 2.

The PY class was represented by 9 boats today, missing 2018 winner, Notus. Front runners and favourites to win the 2019 edition Minx sits at the top of the table after 3 races, crunching in a credible 3 – 1 – 3 finish to complete day 1 on 7 points. Her nearest challenger Balqis scored a bullet in race 1 and trails by 1 point after 3 races. 3rd, 4th & 5th are separated by slim margins, and could see a shuffle in positions on the final day. NTU Sailing’s Boreas got off to a promising start, securing a 2nd in race 1. But they struggled with race 2 & 3 as the winds picked up a notch, significantly overpowering the Platu on the beats. We look forward to more exciting maneuvers by sailors in the PY class over day 2, stay tuned!

Leading the Cruising Multihull Fleet with a dominant display of 3 bullets over 3 races is Witblits, who fends off a tough challenge from Cicak and Eeepai to finish Day 1 with 3 bullets and an unblemished record. In race 2, Cicak bounced back from a possibly horrific accident after the start, to keep tabs on no. 1 despite her condition. In the Beach Catamaran Class, defending champions Madfish II made it 3 bullets out of 3 races to ensure a solid title defence going into day 2. Closest rivals Bad Influence trails 5 points behind. Despite getting line honours for every race, PRO20 struggles to attain a bullet, with victory eluding her over every race. She currently ties for 2nd place with Bad Influence.

We’re excited to see what Day 2 brings, looking forward to a full house at the bar during tomorrow’s prize presentation & closing ceremony!

Beach Catamaran Day 1
Cruising Multihull Day 1
PY Day 1
IRC Day 1

2-Island Race 2019

2-Island Race 2019 – breaking records… and other things.

It takes a good blow to find out what needs replacing on the boat, but one should never have to find out under such circumstances. Ashley Barne’s Defiance experienced a variation of Murphy’s Law during yesterday’s 2-Island Race, breaking nearly everything possible on the boat before being forced to retire. Displaying a star-studded crew of ex and current Asian GP Circuit Winners onboard, Defiance was looking to better her 2018’s timing of 5hrs 1min 6sec taken to circumnavigate Tekong & Ubin. Alas, a bad start, torn genoa, torn spinnaker, broken clew amongst other things eventually forced the mighty Defiance to surrender the race and retire back to the moorings. 2 more retirements plagued the PY fleet, as Brio gave up the fight halfway – and newcomers Nifty Flapper struggled against the strong outgoing tide late into the evening, getting escorted by one of our safety boats back to the club.

Temptress of Down holds the 2018 PY record for fastest keelboat, and was also looking to beat her PB of 4hr 52min 48sec. This year, she once again took PY line honours, smashing the record by 3mins & 2 secs! She earns herself a well-deserved 2nd place after corrected time, trailing by about 2mins behind winners Sangaree. Minx returns to her winning ways with a solid performance – completing the podium in 3rd. The PY class continues to grow, with an outstanding turnout of 13 boats! We are excited to see more boat owners joining us for our weekend races (e.g. Nifty Flapper, Emmanuel II & Zoo Too) – hope you enjoyed the champagne sailing conditions!

In the IRC Class, it was a close battle between 5 performance cruisers, with Steve Manning/Paul O’Malley’s Red Rum leading the pack for most of the passage. Despite also beating her previous record by about 3 minutes and her comfortable lead over the chasing fleet, she fails to triumph on handicap, settling for 5th. A good start was probably the only thing that went right for Born in Fire, as she struggled to keep up with the front runners after an early halyard malfunction, costing her valuable time and a position on the podium. First place went to Paul Kendall’s Jong Dee, scoring a victory by a slim 1min 38 secs margin ahead of Joe Lombardo’s Shardana on corrected time. third place went to the 2018 defending champions, husband & wife combination of Kurt & Gill on Waka Tere – sailing superbly to their non-spin TCC to secure 2nd runner up.

Records continue to be broken in the remaining classes, as Tim Hill’s Cicak eclipsed Phoenix’s 2018 timing by a whole 10 minutes, taking line honours and handicap victory in style. Eeepai trailed about 6 minutes behind to take 1st runner-up, followed by Witblits in 3rd. David Stanton’s M23 Baloo struggled to gain any ground throughout the race, finding it difficult to grasp the strong tides on the first leg and patchy winds behind the islands.

The fastest boat in the Beach Catamaran Fleet came back in a ridiculously quick time of 3hr 26min 40sec, with Scott McCook’s Carbon F20 returning to shore before the tide turned. He smashes the previous record 3hr 30min 35sec set by Madfish II, but still had to settle for 3rd on the podium after handicap. 2nd place was awarded to Madfish II, as she surrendered her title to the newly crowned 2019 champion Stray Catz!

We’re really stoked to see 27 boats taking part yesterday – thank you all for enjoying the race with us. As we finished racing late into the evening yesterday, prize presentation for the 2-Island Race will take place together with the Commodore’s Cup presentation on the evening of 3rd March. Looking forward to another exhilarating weekend of racing at the CSC Commodore’s Cup next week – please send in you forms this week to facilitate administration and logistics, thanks again!


Cruising Multihull
Beach Catamaran

19th CSC Catamaran Championships Final Day

With lacklustre winds, a strong outgoing tide and 2 bouts of flash showers, sailors struggled to make the best of the challenging ever-changing conditions on the course.

Day 2 sees 3 boats sharing the spoils over 3 races – As Jeremy Nixon’s Bad Influence claimed victory in Race 5, followed by Scott McCook’s renewed challenge in Race 6 on his Nacra F20 Carbon and Louis Lim’s F16 Taipan wrapping up the day with a bullet in Race 7.

When the numbers were crunched, Doug Fimmell’s Madfish II held on to 1st place from Day 1, claiming the weekend double in the Overall Open Division and F16 One-Design Division. Jeremy Nixon’s Bad Influence sits 7 points adrift in 2nd place for the Open Division. Despite scoring an OCS in race 5, Uli Braun’s Allo managed to secure a place on the podium with a 3rd – rounding off the Open Division winners. In the One-Design Division, Madfish II shares the podium with Nigel Signal’s Stray Catz and Jeremy Nixon’s Bad Influence in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Special mention goes to our Singapore National Youth Sailors Sophia Meyer and Chia Teck Pin, whose Nacra 15 Ole finished a commendable 5th Overall, considering this was their first CSC Catamaran Championships. We look forward to seeing more National Catamaran Sailors joining us in the 20th edition next year!


Races 5 – 7