Sunday Series I Race 3

It was another weekend of waiting and hoping for some breeze to fill in, as the morning and early afternoon was a struggle to make any headway for all sailors, beginners and racers alike. The 3rd race of the Sunday Series started in near-nothing glassy conditions, with what little tide and wind pushing them across the line to commence the long journey west to Serangoon Buoy. Thankfully a new breeze creeped in from the east, sending them on a gentle downwind 30 minutes into the race.

The Weta and Beach Catamaran Classes were represented by a total of 3 boats, with Tim Jackson’s Itchy-Go flying solo yet again for the Wetas. She sailed well to finish amongst the Corsairs and ahead of Persian Cat, looking comfortable in yesterday’s wind strength & direction. Unless we see an improved attendance, we will consider merging this class with one of the multihull classes in subsequent club series. Jeremy Nixon’s Bad Influence scored a victory in the Beach Catamaran Class, besting Chris Waddington’s Persian Cat by 5 minutes after handicap correction.

Despite not getting her ideal start, Jaza Too was the first Corsair to cross the line, sailing well to overtake Cicak and claim the bullet for Race 3 in the Cruising Multihull Class. Cicak squandered their good start but managed to maintain a respectable 2nd place across the line. A poor start and costly tactical decisions by Miss Visayan at the finish line left the only Corsair 28 in the fleet out of the podium finishers, surrendering 3rd place to Eeepai.

The PY Class remains hotly contested as usual, with the entire fleet finishing within 28 minutes of each other. Line honours was not enough for Sangaree to break into the top 3, settling for 5th. A questionable tactic to hang on to a mooring until the last few minutes before the start by Minx may have cost them a podium finish, as they completed the race 4th on corrected time. With the fleet so close together, it was unsurprisingly happy days for the 3 biggest handicapped boats, as Olmeto, Ikaroa & Bapsy secured 1st, 2nd & 3rd respectively to round off the PY Class.

2 false starts from the only 2 boats in the IRC fleet was the only exciting moment witnessed from the crows nest, as Red Rum & Jong Dee made light work of the course and wind conditions to finish 3 minutes apart from each other in that order respectively. When the numbers were crunched, Jong Dee emerged the clear winner for the IRC Class.

We take a break from racing next week, and will be back for the Twilight Series I Race 2 on 11th May.

Happy Labour Day Sailors!

Beach Catamaran
Cruising Multihull
PY Keelboat
IRC Keelboat



Sunday Series I 2019 – Race 2

Sunday Series 1, Race 2; Right to the last hour, before the start sequence, the wind didn’t seem to want to show. Very fortunately, some great guy must have heard our plea and turned on his fan and the breeze kicked in at the very right moment.

The multihulls where the first to be started off, followed 5 minutes later by the keelboats. A little jostling at the start line saw three boats, Brio, Red Rum and Sangaree being caught OCS. Steve was quick to swing Red Rum back across the line to be the first to be exonerated.

The generally easterly wind direction at the start made CAAS 2 the ideal windward mark. The winds continued to be in our favour, the three beach cats took advantage of it and zoomed towards Tekong. Unfortunate for Jeremy, a wrong mark rounding caused him to have to retire. Uli Braun in Allo finished 1st and Chris Waddington came in 2nd in Persian Cat.

Tim Jackson held the Weta flag flying as he did a solo run around the course. Calling all Weta owners, come keep Tim company at the next race please.

Finishing only 12 seconds apart after corrected time, Tim Hill in Cicak managed to hold Graham Horn in Jaza Too for most part of the race. Unfortunate for him Graham took over the lead to secure his 1st place. Shaun finished 3rd about 11 minutes later.

Steve Manning did a quick recovery from his OCS start and took line in the IR class. His lead was good enough to also come in 1st for the race. Shardana’s lead over Jong Dee also saw her maintaining her 2nd placing across the line, Jong Dee finished 3rd.

And forming the biggest class, the PY division saw ten boats at the start line. Kevin in Temptress of Down had a good start and managed to hold the lead throughout the race. It was rather close sailing for the top 5 PY boats. Temptress of Down, Southern Light, Sangaree, Bapsy and Minx were only 11 minutes apart in actual sailing time. In the end, after corrected time, the 1st place went to Southern Light, 2nd place to Temptress of Down and 3rd to Bapsy.

Big thank you to all sailors who have participated in the second race of the Sunday Series! We look forward to seeing you on 13th April, for the Twilight Series.

Protest Result – 2019 Protest Sunday Series 1 Race 2 Brio VS Sangaree

Results for 7 April:

Sunday Series I 2019 – Race 1

With the North-East Monsoon Season finally over, sailors participating in the first Sunday Series Race of 2019 had to contend with tricky wind conditions on course 5, a refreshing change from the windward leewards between Ubin & Tekong.

The Multihulls seemed visibly tired/exhausted from the past 3 months of racing, as only 2 Beach Catamarans and 1 Trimaran took to the start line. Kaze Kat and Persian Cat were a Nacra 20 and Nacra 5.0 respectively, 2 very different designs from the same company. The former claimed line honours comfortably, and won the race by a slimmer margin after handicap. Chris Waddington’s solo sail on Persian Cat marked her return to racing, we’re excited to see more of Persian Cat over the next 2 months!

In the PY Class, 9 boats contested for podium – and the flames of competition were ignited at the start-line. With it being a downwind start and winds shifting south-south east, sailors tussled for their favoured spot on the line, eventually erupting into a near-collision at the pin-end. Brio emerged 3rd in the fleet after handicap, a few minutes behind 2nd placed Minx. Southern Light continue their winning ways from the recently concluded SailFest Regatta, scoring their first bullet for the Series after corrected time.

Red Rum executed a perfect port tack start, leading the IRC Fleet from start to finish to secure a comfortable win ahead of Shardana and Born in Fire in 2nd & 3rd respectively.

Big thank you to International Jury, Uncle Hong Kit for once again chairing the Protest Committee, together with Jury Members Edwin & Bryan. Thank you everyone for joining us for the first Sunday Series of 2019! We look forward to a delightful afternoon on 30th March, Saturday, where we commence the 1st Lady Helm Race at Changi Sailing Club!

Cruising Multihull
Beach Catamaran

Protest Hearing Decision

Sunday Series III Finale

A strong north-easterly breeze took sailors on a long course to BC5 and back, testing them on their passage planning and racing strategies.

This being the final race, it was hotly contested in the Beach Catamaran class, with Doug Fimmell’s Madfish II hanging on to 1st place after today’s race, relegating Stray Catz and Bad Influence to 2nd and 3rd respectively. Despite today’s dismasting, Bad Influence went on to win the  Series III with Madfish II 1 point behind. In the overall leaderboard, Uli Braun’s Nacra 15 did enough to secure his claim to the Sunday Series Challege Trophy, winning the trophy on tie break. Madfish II took 2nd place, with Persian Cat rounding off the winners in 3rd.

In the Cruising Multihull Class, the Corsairs lapped up the strong breeze, with Graham Horn’s Jaza Too clinching the bullet 26 seconds ahead of Twilight champions Eeepai, crediting the good winds and hardworking crew for their win. Cicak rounded off the winners in 3rd, just 11 seconds ahead of Miss Visayan after corrected  time. In the Series, Jaza Too once again claimed victory with 3 bullets from 6 races. They place a comfortable 8 points above Miss Visayan in 2nd. Eeepai round of the Series III podium finishers in 3rd. The Sunday Series 2018 overall leaderboard however sees Witblits taking the Challenge Trophy on 7 points, doing well to stay ahead of Eeepai in 2nd and Cicak in 3rd.

It was a battle of the big boats in the PY Class for the final race of the Sunday Series III, as Temptress of Down and Sangaree thrived in the favourable wind conditions. Sangaree emerged the clear victor, claiming line honours and the bullet on handicap. Despite finishing a good 5 minutes behind Sangaree, Temptress did well enough to keep Minx at bay, securing 2nd 27 seconds ahead of Minx after  corrected time. Minx however, only just escaped Southern Light’s clutches, taking podium 1 second ahead after handicap! in the Series, Sangaree’s win secured their position at the top, 2 points ahead of the trailing Temptress of Down. Minx completed the Series III podium winners in 3rd. In the overall leaderboard, Sangaree’s win in Series III rewarded her with a 3rd for the year, just 1 point behind Southern Light in 2nd. Minx‘s consistent podium finishes in all 3 Series for the year earned her a well-deserved PY Challenge Trophy for 2018.

The IRC Class saw a close fight between Shardana and Jong Dee, despite the latter’s superb start which led to her taking an early lead. The Italian Stallion eventually claimed the bullet and line honours, leaving Born in Fire in 3rd. The Series III results reflect their positions, as Shardana, Jong Dee and Born in Fire placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively. For the overall Sunday Series 2018 Leaderboard, Jong Dee claimed the IRC Challenge Trophy on 5 points, completing the double for this weekend. Invictus‘s absence in the last few races see them slink into 2nd, 2 points adrift. Shardana’s win in Series III earns them a 3rd on the podium to conclude the winners in the IRC Class.

At the Prize-Giving Ceremony, we took the time to recognize our young sailors taking part in the upcoming CSC Optimist Championships, Silver Fleet. They had just concluded a rigorous 3-day Sailing/Racing Camp, and are ready to compete with the nation’s best youth sailors. Good luck to all!

Thank you everyone for another wonderful year of Club Racing, we hope you enjoyed this mega-weekend!

Race Results

IRC Race 6
PY Race 6
Cruising Multihull Race 6
Beach Catamaran Race 6

Sunday Series III Standings

IRC Sunday Series III Standings
PY, Cruising Multihull and Beach Catamaran Sunday Series III Standings

Sunday Series 2018 Leaderboard

IRC Overall 2018
PY Overall 2018
Cruising Multihull Overall 2018
Beach Catamaran Overall 2018


Sunday Series III Race 5

Race 5 of the Sunday Series started off with a very light breeze from the south east, taking sailors to CAAS 2 before the fleet came to a stand still, fighting a slow current and struggling with the near-zero knot conditions.

The race was eventually abandoned, signalling an early adjournment to the bar.

With only next week’s Twilight Race 5 separating us from the finale for both Club Series on 1st and 2nd December, lets take a look at the current standings for 2018 Twilight and Sunday Series.

2018 Sunday Series Leaderboard

Cruising Multihull
Beach Catamaran

2018 Twilight Leaderboard

Cruising Multihull
Beach Catamaran

Sunday Series III Standings

PY, Beach Catamaran & Cruising Multihull


Sunday Series III Race 4

We had some interesting / challenging conditions during the 4th race of our Sunday Series III, with most sailors unfortunately getting caught in the approaching rain from the west. At the Start, the decision to send participants on a pennant 5 course was also due to a looming north-easterly storm. That kept sailors dry on the journey to serangoon buoy, only to be hit by heavy showers arriving at the turning point.

In the IRC Class, Invictus led from start to finish to clinch victory for race 4, as Jong Dee got caught off-guard with an unexpected wind shift on the approach to Squance. Being the only 2 participating in the IRC Class, these 2 boats stretch their lead on the fleet in the overall standings for the Sunday Series.

The PY Class saw an excellent turn out of 7 boats, with visiting yacht Sea Monster making their debut sail in our Sunday Series! Despite retiring after the first leg, the Beneteau 50 Skipper and Crew look all ready for the Ambassadors’ Cup on 3rd November. Leading the pack was Temptress of Down, thriving in the windy conditions to complete the race comfortably with line honours and a bullet 20 minutes ahead of 2nd placed Sangaree. New Blue Eyes only just sneaked on to the podium, as they finished 13 seconds ahead of 4th placed Minx after corrected time.

Also looking impressive were the Cruising Multihulls, really enjoying the cold front that came with the storm. Despite having to do a 720 penalty towards the end, Jaza Too still finished with a 2min 40sec lead over 2nd placed Eeepai. Witblits had to settle for 3rd, losing out to Eeepai by a slim margin of 12 seconds.

Despite getting dunked in the water, Scott McCook still managed to escape with a win over Jeremy Nixon’s Bad Influence in the Beach Catamaran Class. It was a close battle between both Vipers, as Scott McCook’s single-handed efforts on the Viper triumphed over Bad Influence, scoring another bullet for the series.

Thank you all for participating! We are now highly anticipating this Saturday’s Oneberry Ammbassadors’ Cup – Bringing the World Together.




Cruising Multihull

Beach Catamaran


Sunday Series III Race 2

The 2nd Race of the Sunday Series III saw an amazing turnout of 22 boats on the Start-line, looking like a dry run for the Ambassadors Cup this November. The wind did not disappoint as well, as a building east-southeasterly breeze took sailors on a long beat to North Angler Buoy and back on a spinnaker run.

Witblits conquered the largest fleet of competitors on Sunday, finishing ahead of 6 other Cruising Multihulls to clinch their first bullet for the Sunday Series III. It was certainly commendable, as Skipper Shaun Norris sailed with only 2-up in a breeze consistently above 10 knots. Same goes for 2nd placed Jaza Too, who were also only 2-up, but looking very comfortable ahead of the pack. Miss Visayan continue their good performance to finish in 3rd, producing consistent results over the past 2 weekends.

In the Beach Catamaran Class, Scott McCook returns to racing on a Viper F16 with new sails. Sailing solo, he displayed a convincing performance to sneak ahead of the young guns on Madfish II to finish first. Despite crossing the line just seconds behind the Viper, The lone Taipan Stray Catz had to settle for 3rd on handicap. Damages to their headsail resulted in a premature end for Bad Influence, forcing them to retire from the race.

Both Sangaree and Temptress of Down took full advantage of the unfiltered winds, taking first and second in the PY Class. With Skipper John Boers absent, Xenia helmed Sangaree to their second consecutive bullet in the series, putting them in the driving seat. Despite losing control of their spinnaker on the last stretch down to the club line, Minx recovered and sailed well enough to secure their place on the podium in 3rd.

Some stiff competition between the 30-40 footers in the IRC Class took place – with the Italian Stallion Shardana emerging victorious to make it 2 bullets out of 2 races. Competition was so close between 2nd and 3rd place, as Born in Fire placed ahead of Red Rum by a mere 5 seconds after corrected time!

Fantastic weather, excellent turnout, thank you all for joining us over the weekend!




Cruising Multihull

Beach Catamaran

Sunday Series III Race 1

Both our Club Series for 2018 have been a popular activity for our Members ever since the first series race commenced in April. It has been exciting to see teams getting more competitive each weekend, vying for weekly podium places. If you have not been doing so well over the past 2 Series for the Sunday Series and Twilight, do not fret – there is still a chance to attain the overall Challenge Trophy for the respective Series classes, as this is determined by a combination of all 3 series results.

The Sunday Series III kicked off to a blistering start, as 19 boats participated in a steady South-Westerly Breeze – taking them to BC5 and back. Shardana continue to improve, displaying a strong performance to draw first blood in the IRC Class. They claimed victory over 2nd placed Red Rum by a slim margin of 1min 9secs. It was also a close fight for 3rd place, as last Series’ overall 1st (Invictus) and 2nd (Jong Dee) kept it really tight to see the latter come up just under a minute quicker. Jong Dee‘s consistent performance over the past 2 Series puts them in pole position to claim the overall IRC Title in December.

The largest fleet of the 4 classes was equally intense, as the PY Yachts made some aggressive moves against each other throughout the course, keeping sailors on their toes. The 44-foot Sangaree emerged victorious, but suffered a little damage to their sail in the process. Another big boat joined her on the podium, as Temptress of Down secured 2nd position just a minute and 10 seconds ahead of last Series’s Champions, New Blue Eyes. Great to see close competition on handicap, with all 6 boats finishing within 5 minutes of each other.

In the Cruising Multihull Division, Corsair 28 Miss Visayan marked her debut with a place on the podium, finishing 2nd, just behind the nippy Jaza Too. Cicak finished a commendable 3rd, fending off Baloo and Eepai in the process. Super excited to see more boats taking part in the Cruising Multi Class!

After a long break, Madfish II returns to clinch victory in the Beach Catamaran Class, staying comfortably ahead of veterans & fierce rivals Stray Catz and Nacra 15 in 2nd and 3rd respectively. A capsize near TKPK meant an early end for the single-handed Bad Influence, who would have given the podium finishers a run for their money if not for the unforeseen incident.

Thank you all for participating this weekend! Next week our first Twilight Race for Series III will be a special edition! Cicak Challenge 2 is back, come dressed in pirate outfits for the race (or after) and stand to win a prize for the best dressed sailor/team! There will be some finger food post-race as well, looking forward to racing and partying with everyone on Saturday.




Cruising Multihull

Beach Catamaran

Sunday Series II – Finale

The Sunday Series II Finale sees a whooping total of 17 boats taking part, bringing the fortnightly racing series to an exciting close. This was despite the light air and strong currents, providing yet another challenging test of perseverance and tactics throughout the pennant 4 course.

Series leaders Invictus led the fleet from start to finish – securing the IRC Title with another bullet. They make amends for their DSQ during Saturday’s Twilight Finale, displaying a dominant performance for the 5th race of the Sunday Series II. Yesterday’s results were also the exact reflection of the Overall IRC Series results, with Jong Dee and Shardana claiming 2nd and 3rd respectively.

In the PY Class, Sangaree returns from a triumphant Western Circuit campaign to secure line honours ahead of the rest of the fleet, but only manages 4th after handicap correction. Southern Light kept close to the leaders to earn her a well-deserved bullet, finishing the Series on a high. 2nd place went to the Lucas Van Maarschalkerweerd’s Minx, staying just ahead of 3rd placed Olmeto. Southern Light’s win could only muster an overall 4th placing in the Series, 1 point behind Olmeto, whose 3 points yesterday contributed to their 3rd in the overall standings with 13 points. A bullet and consistent performances from Minx earned them a 2nd for the Series, this following their overall 3rd in the Twilight Series II. Despite finishing a dismal 5th in the fleet for the last race of the Series, New Blue Eyes did enough to secure a weekend Club Series double and the PY Title on 7 points.

Shaun Norris’s Witblits had a similar outcome in the Cruising Multihull Class, recording their worst result for the series yesterday, but had already secured the Cruising Multihull Title with 4 bullets from Race 1 to 4. Kaze’s return to club racing reward them with a bullet, serving as clear indication that they’re back in contention for subsequent club series! Consistency is the key factor to Eepai’s well-deserved 2nd in the race and 2nd overall, notching top 3 finishes for all the races she participated in. Baloo’s strong attendance in the Series gave them the right to be on the podium in 3rd, completing the Series on 14 points – 5 points adrift of Eepai.

Despite a no-show from the Beach Catamarans yesterday, we’d like to congratulate Uli Braun and his Nacra 15 for winning the Sunday Series II Title with 2 bullets. Doug Fimmell’s Madfish II sits pretty 2 points away on 2nd place and another Viper, Jeremy Nixon’s Bad Influence, took 3rd on 21 points.

Congratulations all winners, thank you for another great Sunday Series turn-out! We will be taking a break from racing next week, Sunday Series III race 1 commences on 16th September, 2pm. See you there!




Cruising Multihull

Series IRC Final

Series Final



Sunday Series II – Race 4

We had a small turn out at this weekend’s race as most of our regular sailors were at the Western Circuit but it was a perfect day for a round Ubin race.

At the start, the steady South Easterly breeze brought the fleet to the first mark and up to TKPK in very quick time. The winds and its direction seemed to have favoured the cats as both Stray Catz and Madfish II led the charge as the zoomed through the channel between Ubin and the Johor coast line. Bab Influence wasn’t too far behind as the three beach catamarans made their way to the Eastern corner of Ubin. Doug in Madfish II was trailing Nigel on the northern side of Ubin but managed to creep past Nigel as they made their way back to the club. The three cats continued in that order and finished the race with Madfish II crossing the line first followed by Stray Catz and Bad Influence in third; making it an average one-and-a-half-hour race for the three boats.

Stefan in Firefly started the race well but turned back shortly due to some technical problems; never fly budget. The cruising multi-hull fleet had a good showing of 4 tris with Firefly making it a 5-boat start. Shaun Norris in Witblitz sailed the race well finishing in 1hr 22min 53sec, corrected time followed by Michael Chia in Eepai, Tim Hill in Cicak and Chris and Dave finishing in the respective order. As the fleet of tris and keelboats made their way towards Serangoon Buoy, the wind picked up, bringing rain onto them.

The increase in wind force created some excitement for the tris and the three keelboats. Churning up bow sprays as they made their way upwind. The winds were strong enough to have both Invictus and Jong Dee spilling their mains as they made their way towards Serangoon. Invictus’s 7-minute lead on elapse time allowed him to keep his 1st placing after corrected over Jong Dee in the IRC division. New Blue Eyes, the lone wolf in the PY division had his share of fun sailing round the course, we hope to see more PY boats in next week’s Twilight race.