Twilight Series I Race 2

Sailing at this time of the year can be frustrating, and is a great test of patience and resilience. Sailors were once again faced with the challenging task of navigating the course in a roller-coaster of wind conditions, with some eventually surrendering and putting the boat to bed early.

Race 2 of our Twilight Series I sees the addition of a classic boat in the PY Class. 48 footer Winrose is a beautifully maintained ketch intending to sail in the 2020 Sydney-Hobart Race under the CSC Flag. Skippered by Member David Whitfield and berthed at One Degree 15, the yacht will also take part in our upcoming CSC@Besar Passage Race, logging the necessary miles for her SHR entry qualification. The light winds yesterday did her no favours, resulting in her crew adjourning to the bar early for drinks. The PY Class saw a victorious Sangaree take line honours and the Bullet for race 2, holding a very comfortable lead over Bapsy and Brio in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

A false start made it an uphill task for Jong Dee to catch up with Waka Tere and Red Rum – leaving her out of the podium in the IRC Class. Sailing with 2 up gave Waka Tere the advantage in these light airs, securing her 2nd bullet out of 2 races, putting her in driving seat to win the Twilight Series I on 1st June. Red Rum sailed with 3 new crew on board today, who undoubtedly experienced the authentic CSC hospitality at the bar later in the evening.

It was a sweet result for Cicak yesterday, scoring a win ahead of strong contenders Jaza Too, Eeepai and Baloo in the Cruising Multihull Class. We were pleasantly surprised by a visit from an old friend and ex-member, Nicolas Gillier (remember Corsair Singaloc?). Nicolas crewed for Graham Horn on Jaza Too, earning themselves 1st runner-up. Eeepai completed the podium finishers in 3rd.

Doubling their numbers from the last race, we are pleased to see not 1 but 2 Wetas on the Twilight Course! Tim and Antonio of Itchy-Go and The Striped One made it a little match race between the 2, matching each other tack for tack. Glad to see the return of The Striped One, hopefully more will turn up for the final race on the 1st of June.

Vesak Day celebrations commence next week, with 4 boats cruising up to Nongsa Point Marina for the long weekend. We welcome 10 teams from Changi Sailing Club, SAF Yacht Club, NTU Sailing Club, SMU Sailing Club & NUS Varsity Sailing Club over the following weekend for the CSC One-Design Keelboat Championships.

Club racing resumes on 1st & 2nd June, marking the end of both Sunday Series & Twilight Series I. See you then!

Cruising Multihull
PY Keelboat
IRC Keelboat


Twilight Series I Race 1

13 April 2019


As we begin to see the change in the monsoon winds, conditions become fluky and unpredictable. Right from the early hours of the day, the wind did not appear as predicted by the various online apps.

But very fortunate for us, though light, the wind crept in from the easterly direction as boats were being readied for the 4 pm start. With the incoming tide and the shifty wind direction, the choice of the RED course was called.

A poor turnout in the multihull class saw the Trimaran, the beach cat and the Weta represented by only one boat each. Tim Hill in Cicak, Tim Jackson in Itchy-Go and Chris Waddington in Persian Cat; thank you guys for keeping the flag flying. In true sportsmanship they went round the course with the clock as their only competitor.

As the race progressed, the wind freshened to approximately 8 knots and came in from the easterly direction. The smaller boats could be seen being knocked over by the occasional gust.

The number three seemed to have plagued the IRC class; only Jong Dee, Waka Tere and Born in Fire were at the start. Paul Kendall in Jong Dee sailed very well to the conditions and kept the lead throughout the race. However, Kurt in Waka, trailed not too far behind keeping within the time margin and took the first place off Paul’s hands by a very narrow 2-seconds after corrected time. The fire wasn’t burning too brightly for Pascal in BIF as she seemed to have trouble trying to keep up with the other two. We hope to see the return of Shardana, Red Rum and Invictus for the coming IRC races; maybe even Skybird???

Great support in the PY category; 8 boats made it to the start and as usual the tussle for a good start was on everyone’s mind. John Boers in Sangaree short off the line in good speed and position and led the PYers all throughout the race. As the winds became more stable, blowing easterly, the stretch from Squance to Changi turned into a long windward leg. With an almost ideal Twilight condition, John Boers in Sangaree took line in the PY class and also finishing first after corrected time. A well sailed Boreas helmed by Pepe Yabe came in second and Kevin Harris sailed Temptress of Down to the third spot.

Welcome back Choy as he had just completed his two week reserve training in the army, back to you!!


Twilight Series III Finale

The Twilight Series III Finale saw a total of 11 Keelboats, 5 Cruising Multihulls and 4 Beach Catamarans taking part. Going into the finale, participants were quietly hopeful for a good blow to finish the series on a high. Thankfully, a north-easterly breeze set in at the start, carrying the sailors on an exciting first leg up to changi buoy. It was however a tactical challenge for participants as they had to contend in varying wind conditions over the course of the race, from an initial north-easterly winds to shifts all the way to a north-westerly direction. This coupled with patchy winds scattered throughout the course kept skippers and tacticians on their toes.

In the Beach Catamaran Class, Nigel Signal’s Stray Catz led the fleet to secure his first bullet for the series, leading Persian Cat and the 2 Wetas to take victory for the final race. Their victory consolidated their position for the Series, finishing 6 points ahead of Persian Cat and 11 points ahead of Madfish II in 3rd. Great to see the Wetas starting to take part in our Club Series! Despite losing the series, Persian Cat did enough to take the overall Twilight 2018 title, winning Madfish II on tie-break. Stray Catz completed the podium in 3rd.

The Cruising Multihulls went into the final race with Cicak and Eeepai tied on points, the 6th race being the deciding race. The latter displayed a dominant performance to finish the race with line honours and a bullet to seal their victory in the Series 1 point ahead of Cicak. Witblits did well to finish 3rd in the 6th and final race for the series, but poor attendance resulted in an overall 6th place finish in the Series. Despite their false start and eventual 4th in the final race, Miss Visayan’s consistent performance rewarded them with 3rd in the Series, a good result for their first Twilight campaign! For the overall 2018 Twilight leaderboard, Eeepai’s win reflects their final standings, beating 4-time defending champions Cicak to claim their first challenge trophy. Witblits’s 6th place finish in Series III was good enough for a 3rd overall in the Twilight 2018 standings.

A good start powered Temptress of Down into an early lead ahead of the 7-strong PY fleet on Saturday, taking full advantage of the fresh breeze. They however failed to consolidate their position as Sangaree clawed back from a disappointing start to claim line honours and eventual 2nd place after corrected time. Southern Light thrived in Saturday’s conditions, staying close to the leaders to earn a well-deserved bullet for the Series, relegating Temptress of Down to 3rd. Southern Light’s bullet leapfrogged them to 2nd in the Twilight Series III standings, 1 point ahead of Minx in 3rd. Despite their disappointing performance in the final race, New Blue Eye‘s 5th place finish was good enough to fend off rivals and claim victory in Series III on 17 points. This in turn also rewarded them with the overall 2018 Twilight PY Class Challenge Trophy, staying 1 point ahead of Minx on 8 points. Southern Light‘s 2nd place finish in Series III helped to secure their 3rd place with 10 poitns in the Twilight overall leaderboard, rounding off the winners for PY.

Shardana returns to Club Racing in style, displaying a good start to claim an early lead and eventual line honours in the IRC Class. The excitement however took place amongst the remaining 3 boats of the fleet, as fierce rival resulted in a thrilling shuffle of positions throughout the race. Waka Tere emerged the best of the rest, claiming 2nd across the line and on handicap. Jong Dee bounced back from a bad start to claw her way back and finish just ahead of Sky Bird. However this effort was not enough to dethrone Sky Bird, who eventually claimed 3rd on handicap. Her 3rd place finish also sealed her victory in Series III for the IRC Class, finishing 4 points ahead of Jong Dee after 6 races. Despite her absence in the remaining 3 races for the series, Invictus did enough to secure a 3rd in the Series. In the overall Twilight 2018 standings, Jong Dee took home the IRC Twilight 2018 challenge trophy, winning Invictus on tie-break. Red Rum’s 3rd place finish marks a good year for the boat, a good news coming after their successful campaign at the Raja Muda.

Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to all the sailors who joined us throughout the year!


Race Results

IRC Race 6
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Cruising Multihull Race 6
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Series III Standings

IRC Series III Standings
PY, Cruising Multihull & Beach Catamaran Series III Standings

Twilight 2018 Leaderboard

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Twilight Series III Race 5

Another weekend in frustrating conditions, as the conflicting weather systems left sailors with a challenging course for race 5 of this Twilight Series.

With only 2 boats in the IRC Class, it was a sweet victory for Sky Bird as they notched their first bullet and line honours ahead of Jong Dee. This allows Sky Bird to stretch their lead and strengthen their position 3 points ahead of Jong Dee going into the finale on 1st December.

7 boats contested for podium in the PY class, and it was a close fight at the top amongst the light and nippy boats. Balqis’s gamble paid off handsomely, as they chose to commit early in the race to sail high and close to Pulau Ubin. This allowed her to secure the bullet and line honours, comfortably ahead of new entrant Brio and single-handed Big Bad Wolf in 2nd and 3rd respectively. In the series standings, New Blue Eyes sits on top after 1 discard – a 4 point buffer between them and Minx in 2nd place. Big Bad Wolf’s consistent attendance in the series is reflected in the results, placing 3rd currently.

Jaza Too returns to Twilight Racing in style, clinching their first bullet for this series, seconds ahead of Eeepai and Miss Visayan in 2nd and 3rd respectively. Despite their 4th placing, Cicak is tied on points with Eeepai in the Series, setting the stage for an exciting finale next Saturday. Miss Visayan trail the leaders by 5 points, sitting comfortably in 3rd for the Series.

The Beach Catamarans were had a pair of Wetas sailing with them yesterday, a refreshing addition to the fleet. sailing on a provisional handicap, the Wetas do well in the light airs, finishing in 1st & 2nd respectively. On official score, Persian Cat sailed well to beat Stray Catz on handicap, scoring their 1st bullet for the series. Their positions are switched in the Series III overall standings, as Stray Catz leads by 5 points, scoring 4 second-place finishes to put them in good stead for the final race.

Thank you all for participating in the Twilight Race! enjoy the photos and see you next weekend for the Twilight and Sunday Series Finals!


Cruising Multihull
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Twilight Series III Overall Standings

IRC Series 3 Overall
PY, Cruising Multihull & Beach Catamaran Series 3 Overall


Twilight Series III Race 4

The weather during yesterday’s Twilight Race showed signs of the North-Easterly Monsoon trying to settle in, giving sailors a nice beat up to Changi Buoy on the first leg.

Jong Dee, Emmanuel II and Southern Light were a bit too eager – incurring an OCS and subsequent penalty, costing them valuable time at the start. Despite the blunder, Jong Dee was quick to recover, catching up with Notus and Sky Bird at Changi Buoy. She eventually crossed with line honours, and clinched victory in the IRC Class by a slim margin of 8 seconds over Sky Bird on corrected time.

In the 7-strong PY Class, Temptress of Down had a fantastic start, wasting no time in establishing a good lead over the rest of the pack. Sangaree did well to bounce back from a couple of too-close encounters to finish just outside of podium. Temptress of Down slipped to 3rd when the wind died down on the final leg, allowing the chasing boats to close the gap. Sapphire Star sailed a superb solo race to finish 2nd on handicap, missing out on 1st place by 2 seconds to Boreas. Nanyang Technological University Sailing Club notched their 1st bullet ever while sailing Boreas in our Twilight Races, congratulations!

The Cruising Multihulls witnessed a crucial mistake by leaders Miss Visayan, as she failed to keep CSC 1 to starboard while sailing down from Changi Buoy. It was Team Cicak‘s gain as they secured their 2nd bullet for the Series, with Eeepai completing the podium as runner-up.

Thank you all for taking part in the 4th race of our Twilight Series! Looking forward to more North-Easterly Winds over the next few months!




Cruising Multihull


Twilight Series III Race 3

Our 3rd race for the Twilight Series III was blessed with a gentle south-southwesterly breeze, looking a lot more promising compared to last week’s washout.

A little drama ensued in the Beach Catamaran Class not too long after the start, as Scott McCook’s Viper F16 capsized near a fish farm in the vicinity of Squance. Scott escaped unscathed and soon returned to racing, playing Cat-ch up. Further up at the top of the fleet, Stray Catz and Madfish II took turns to lead over the various legs, with the latter eventually claiming line honours and victory. Persian Cat managed to fend off the chasing Viper over the last few legs to complete the podium in 3rd.

CSC welcomes the return of Dash Boot! Dash Boot returns to club racing in style, scoring a bullet comfortably ahead of 2nd placed Eepai in the Cruising Multihull Class. Cicak had a young skipper on the helm for this Twilight, as 13yr-old Yasmine steered the the boat to a hard-fought 3rd. Despite Miss Visayan’s and Baloo’s best efforts, they missed out on a podium position by a slim 18 sec margin after handicap.

With a total of 8 boats participating, the PY Class had the biggest fleet on water yesterday, with some very close battles in the middle of the pack. Southern Light was sailed superbly to victory, a feat made possible by the collective efforts from the helm, crew and a slippery clean bottom. In 2nd place was an all-ladies crew on New Blue Eyes! Despite their poor start, they clawed their way back to take line honours, but surrendered to Southern Light on corrected time. 3rd place went to a solid solo effort by Loh Wai Kin on Big Bad Wolf. He emerged the best of the rest, just sneaking ahead of Balqis to take the podium. Great to see Swannee sailing on her maiden Twilight Race! Sailed by CSC Stalwarts Mackson Chia & Michael Tan – Swannee held her own to finish a credible 7th.

Making it 2 bullets out of 2 races, Waka Tere strengthens her hold on the IRC title for Twilight Series III – dominating the IRC fleet in yesterday’s conditions. She takes line honours and victory over 2nd placed Invictus, who relinquished their lead somewhere midway in the race. It was exciting to watch both Jong Dee and Sky Bird competing to get ahead of each other, with both skippers displaying their tactical prowess in close-quarters sailing. The latter eventually emerged triumphant, claiming 3rd on the podium.

Thank you all for participating in the Twilight Series III – Race 3!

Looking forward to seeing everyone looking dapper at the Pre-Ambassadors’ Cup Fund-Raising Cocktail on 26th October taking place at The Post Bar – Fullerton Hotel Singapore.




Cruising Multihull

Beach Catamaran




Twilight Series III Race 2

Despite the persistent rainfall in the early afternoon – the winds delivered, allowing for a timely start for the 22 boats participating in yesterday’s Twilight Series III. Our fortnightly club series welcomes new entrants Emmanuel II, who were racing for the first time under the firm stewardship of skipper Desmond Wong. Looking forward to seeing more of her in future races!

In the IRC Class, nearly the entire fleet of IRC yachts in CSC took part, sans Simba. Invictus bounced back from a dismal Sunday Series performance last week to notch a bullet. Waka Tere returned to club racing after a long break, as skipper Kurt Metzger sailed her single-handed to a 2nd place finish. Born in Fire continue to produce consistently good results, rounding up the podium finishers in 3rd.

With a total of 9 boats participating, the PY Class was the largest fleet on the course, but also the fleet that struggled the most with the challenging conditions. Only 2 boats finished within the time limit of 2hrs 30mins. The mighty Sangaree fended off stiff competition from New Blue Eyes to clinch victory, as the latter settled for 2nd place after corrected time. Minx was the best of the rest, as skipper Lucas van Maarschalkerweerd’s solo efforts paid off – securing him a 3rd in his class.

It was another case of impressive solo-sailing in the Cruising Multihull Class, as Graham Horn skippered Jaza Too to a narrow win over Gary Curti’s Miss Visayan. Baloo found it difficult to sail at the optimum boat speed and wind angles, eventually surrendering 3rd place to Cicak.

A solo sailor in every class! Scott McCook was the Beach Catamaran Class’s contribution to the Singles Club, sailing the Viper F16 to yet another victory, despite her poor start. Nigel Signal’s Stray Catz was a close 2nd. Kudos to Persian Cat for persevering and finishing the race just within the time limit.

Thank you all for another excellent turn out! See you next Sunday for Race 3 of our Sunday Series.




Cruising Multihull

Beach Catamaran


Twilight Series III Race 1 (Cicak Challenge 2!)

Yesterday’s Twilight Series III  Race was a fun-filled affair, as we celebrated Cicak Challenge 2 together with all the pirates in attendance! The first Cicak Challenge was conceived as a 50th Birthday celebration for Cicak‘s Skipper, Tim Hill. This year, it was first mate Penny Hill’s turn to celebrate her 50th Birthday together with the Cicak Family and Sailing friends at Changi Sailing Club. Many sailors came dressed to the pirate-theme, with some sailors putting in amazing effort for their costumes!

The racing was a little trying towards the end, as winds struggled to pick up and incoming tide gave many boats an added uphill challenge beating up from squance to the finish club line. In the IRC Class, Invictus took full advantage of the 3 OCS (Jong Dee, Ikaroa & Southern Light) at the start to comfortably take top spot. Sky Bird was a distant 2nd, their best performance over the 3 series. Some notable sailors onboard – Kimberly Lim and Cecelia Low, the 49erFX Asian Games Gold Medalists at the recently concluded 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta. Red Rum‘s efforts rewarded them with a 3rd, missing out on 2nd by a slim margin of 58secs.

Despite her false start, Southern Light clawed back to claim 3rd in the 7-strong fleet of PY boats. New Blue Eyes better their performance from last weekend’s 3rd placing at the Sunday Series, securing 2nd just 14secs behind winner Sangaree after corrected time. Although one eventually retired and the other finished 5th, the crew of both Olmeto and Ikaroa looked like they had a fabulous time dressing up as Pirates!

Fending off stiff competition from both Baloo and Eepai, Cicak fittingly took victory in the Cruising Multihull Class, the perfect result for a Cicak Challenge! Despite having to retire, the result did not stop Firefly from having a blast together as a Pirate family, complete with eyeliner, tattoos and 2 Captain Kidds.

The Beach Catamaran Class were the speediest as usual, but also had to deal with 1 retirement from the Nacra 15, sailed by youth member Bryan Ngu. Madfish II drew first blood to continue stretching her lead over Stray Catz for the overall trophy to be awarded at the end of all 3 series.

Back on shore, sailors were treated to some light snacks and rum – all kindly sponsored by Team Cicak! A great party to end our first Twilight Race for the Series, thank you Team Cicak for bringing the fun to our races 🙂 See you next week for Race 2 of our Sunday Series III!




Cruising Multihull

Beach Catamaran

Twilight Series II Finale

The 2nd Twilight Series for 2018 came to a thrilling end yesterday, with a near collision encounter between Red Rum and Invictus, resulting in a Protest decision from the former.  At the beginning, Winds blew steadily from a Southeasterly direction, keeping the fleet compact and competitors on their toes. Subsequent wind shifts and major changes in wind pressure led to a re-shuffling of the boats in the course, and could have been a pivoting factor for some of the results.

Despite the initial breeze during the 1st half of the evening, The IRC, Cruising Multihulls and Beach Catamaran Class were left struggling on the final leg up to squance, where the race was shortened due to the strong currents and weakened winds. In the IRC Class, Invictus managed to clinch line honours, but chalked up a DSQ from the ensuing protest by Red Rum. This resulted in a bullet for Jong Dee and 2nd place finish for Red Rum. Skybird completes the podium in 3rd. The result for the 5th and final race for the Series sealed Jong Dee’s victory in the IRC Class, beating Invictus by 2 points. Steve Manning’s Red Rum gained from the successful porotest outcome, securing his position in 3rd.

For the PY Class, the race was shortened for an East-West finish at the Club line, giving opportunity for some of the slower boats to finish within the time limit. First across the line and first after handicap correction went to New Blue Eyes, securing their 3rd bullet for the Series. Only a minute separated 2nd placed Minx and 3rd placed Marsh Mellow. Their positions were switched in the final series results, with Marsh Mellow clinching 2nd by 1 point ahead of Minx – a testament of the friendly rivalry between both boats. New Blue Eyes took the PY Title comfortably with a total of 5 points for the Series, putting themselves in the driving seat for the 3rd and final installment of the Twilight Series starting 22nd September.

The Cruising Multihulls see Witblits take the bullet by a comfortable lead over Cicak & Baloo (in 2nd & 3rd respectively). Despite stalling at Squance for some time due to the ripping currents and light winds, Witblits eventually managed to finish with 30 minutes to spare. With that, Witblits made all their races count, clinching 3 bullets from all 3 races sailed for the Series, securing the Cruising Multihull Title with 8 points. Eepai came close to dethroning Witblits, but fell short with the lacking number of bullets. Cicak completed the podium 1 point adrift, on 9 points.

Chris Waddington’s dominant performance on Persian Cat gave him a comfortable win with 3 bullets and a total of 5 points for the Series. A poor attendance by the rest of the fleet seem to have contributed to the overwhelming victory, and we hope to see better participation from the Beach Catamarans next season!

Congratulations to all the winners for the Twilight Series II! We hope you had fun over the past 2 months, looking forward to the start of the 3rd and final Twilight Series for 2018 – commencing on 22nd September!




Cruising Multihull

Beach Cat

Series Overall IRC

Series Overall All Classes

Twilight Series II Race 4

A steady South-Westerly Breeze brought the re-energized fleet on a quick Twilight Course, with many of the participants fresh from a successful Western Circuit campaign. CSC had much to celebrate for, with CSC Skippers sweeping the titles for 4 classes at the 2018 edition of the Western Circuit Regatta.

In the IRC Class, Born in Fire continue their fine form from the Western Circuit, securing a bullet in the Twilight Series with only 2 sailors on board. They stayed about 1 minute ahead of their nearest rival, Invictus, who sneaked into 2nd place 10 seconds ahead of 3rd placed Jong Dee. The close competition between all 3 boats made for an exciting race to watch.

The biggest fleet for this weekend’s Twilight Race did not disappoint, as 7 sailors competed for a podium finish in the PY Class. After a long hiatus, Ikaroa returned to club racing with a win, sailing well to keep close to the lighter/faster boats and securing their victory after handicap. Southern Light was a close 2nd, followed by Big Bad Wolf in 3rd. Despite not finishing on the podium, New Blue Eyes look poised to take the PY title in next week’s finale, as nearest rivals Minx and Marsh Mellow lay a few points behind.

Witblits secured another bullet in the Cruising Multihull Class, stengthening their position at the top of the table. Cicak’s performance were only good enough for a 4th – just out of podium contention. Baloo sailed well to secured a 3rd place finish, staying well ahead of the Corsairs to earn their place on the podium. Despite being the only boat in the Beach Catamaran Class, we are 100% certain that Chris and Neda were just happy to be out on water sailing on Persian Cat. We look forward to the reutrn of the regular Catamaran sailors – bringing some excitement to the fleet.




Cruising Multis

Beach Catamarans