Signature Sunday Series – Round Ubin Race

The Signature Sundays came to a dramatic end, with the Round Ubin Race resulting in many thrills and spills (some literally). A total of 33 boats took part in the final race for the series, an impressive turn out which tops last week’s Round Tekong Race. There was very little room for error at the start line, as sailors faced a strong outgoing tide which eventually pushed some boats over the line before the horn went.

Gary Schmidt, skipper of The Blue Bug became the first MoB for 2019, getting a lot Weta than he probably wanted to. In a show of great sportsmanship, Jong Dee and Temptress of Down from the IRC and PY classes respectively sprung into action to pick up the skipper and stray boat. Not giving up, The Blue Bug continued to circumnavigate Ubin and eventually completed the race in a respectable 2hrs 40mins! Amongst the other 3 Wetas ahead, R2D2 took first place and line honours, followed by Itchy-Go in 2nd and The Striped One in 3rd. Despite the MoB, The Blue Bug did enough to take 3rd place in the overall standings, tied on points with 2nd placed Itchy-Go bust bested by her bullet at the Round Tekong Race. R2D2 became the first Weta champion for the Signature Sunday Series, scoring 2 bullets from 3 races to finish with 7 points in total.

In the Beach Catamaran Class, Madfish II return to their winning ways, scoring a bullet comfortably ahead of close rival and defending champions Stray Catz. Their time of 1hr 13min 18sec may not have broken the under 1hr record set by Martin Pickrodt’s Nacra Carbon 20 in 2017 (0hr 59min 17 sec) – but was still an hour faster than last year’s timing due to the favourable conditions. Stray Catz‘s 2nd place finish was more than enough to secure her win and defend her title in the overall series, topping the table with 4 points from 3 races. The Taipan F16 007 helmed by Louis Lim completed the Round Ubin podium in 3rd. Despite finishing outside of podium in yesterday’s race, Persian Cat did enough to secure herself a 2nd for the overall series, 5 points adrift. Madfish II’s bullet played a big part in ensuring they made up for missing Round Tekong and taking 3rd overall.

A massive fleet of 9 boats for the Cruising Multihulls took part in the sprint around Ubin, making it the 2nd-largest class participating. Jaza Too continue on their red-hot form, taking victory for the Round Ubin Race in a time of 1hr 43min32sec. It was a close fight for the top 3 till the end, as 2nd placed AbraCaDeborah finished a slim 20secs after and Eeepai trailing by less than a minute behind. It was AbraCaDeborah’s win overall, as her consistent performance of three 2nd-place finishes from 3 races rewarded her with the 2019 Cruising Multihull Title. A bullet at the Felkin Race sealed Eeepai’s 2nd position overall, just 1 point ahead of Miss Visayan in 3rd.

The PY Class was represented by 12 boats, resulting in an excitingly crowded start line. A heated encounter between Southern Light & Temptress of Down took place at the start, the only exciting exchange before the sailors settled into their journey around Ubin. Just missing out on podium at the Felkin Race and leaving out Round Tekong due to the lack of crew – made victory yesterday so much sweeter for Defiance. The grand dame took line honours and won on handicap to beat 14 (including the IRC) other boats across the finish line. Sangaree made amends for her disappointing performances over the last 2 weekends, finishing the Series with a 2nd for Round Ubin. A 3rd for defending champions Ikaroa was more than enough for her to secure the overall 2019 PY Title with a total of 5 points. Close rival Southern Light hung on to 2nd by a single point, fending off a strong performance by Arbudhen at the Round Ubin Race. Arbudhen’s 4th place finish for Round Ubin closed the gap between her and Southern Light, rewarding her with a well-deserved 3rd overall.

Waka Tere made it 3 wins out of 3 races to take victory in the IRC Class for the Signature Sunday Series. Initially neck and neck with Born in Fire at the start, BiF had to drop out due to a snapped main halyard, effectively handing the lead to Waka Tere. It was exciting to watch her on the final stretch as she pressured PY Class’s Defiance in various attempts to overtake. Shardana’s 2nd place finish in the Round Ubin Race meant that the ‘Italian Stallion’ secured 3rd overall in the Series, despite not participating in the Felkin Race. Jong Dee’s heroics during the MoB incident did not affect her eventual results, as her 3rd place finish was sufficient in maintaining her 2nd overall in the Signature Sundays.

Congratulations to all the winners and everyone who took part over the past 3 weekends! We now take a break for 3 weeks due to the upcoming Nongsa Regatta (25-27 Jan), Nongsa Neptune Regatta (2-9 Feb) and Chinese New Year (5-6 Feb)! Some of our sailors will be flying the CSC Flag high during the above races, we wish them all the best!

Results (Round Ubin)

Beach Cats & Weta
Cruising Multihull

Results (Overall Signature Sundays)

Weta Overall
Beach Cat Overall
Cruising Multihull Overall
PY Overall
IRC Overall

Signature Sunday Series – Round Tekong Race 2019

Another weekend of fantastic weather meant that the Round Tekong Race was a breeze for all 31 participating boats.

Despite a passing shower taking place in the early afternoon, the north-easterly winds did not let up, carrying the fleet around Tekong in a maximum of only 5hrs, with the fastest boat circumnavigating the island in 2hrs 27mins 53secs.

The above honour goes to Nigel Signal’s Stray Catz, who only just missed out on beating his personal best by 3mins & 26secs! She leads the Beach Catamaran Fleet of 4, with the next Cat (Bad Influence) finishing a distant 26mins behind her. Bad Influence eventually takes 3rd place, surrendering 2nd place to Persian Cat on corrected time. The Wetas struggled to keep up with the Beach Cats in this race, with the fastest Weta R2D2 leading the pack. Despite being the first Weta to complete the race, a costly blunder of passing CAAS 2 on the wrong side resulted in a ‘RAF’ score for R2D2. This promoted Itchy-Go to first place, followed by The Striped One and The Blue Bug in 2nd & 3rd respectively.

In the Cruising Multihull Class, it was line honours yet again for the mighty FireFly! But she only just misses out on podium this round, failing to put enough distance between her and the chasing corsairs on the final leg to finish. 3rd place was awarded to Miss Visayan, who made amends for a disappointing performance during last week’s Felkin Race. AbraCaDeborah remains the most consistent, scoring another 2nd to put her in the driving seat to clinch overall victory in her class. Jaza Too returns from holidays to start her season with a bullet, and will be looking to double that tally at next week’s Round Ubin Race.

Our biggest fleet keeps getting bigger! Making up nearly half the entire fleet taking part in the Round Tekong Race, the PY Class was closely contested amongst the 13 boats in participation. Temptress of Down starts her 2019 campaign on a high, clinching line honours 15mins ahead of the next boat. Hot favourites Ikaroa continue their fine run with 2 bullets in 2 weekends, and is hungry to complete the Series with a clean sweep. Southern Light pulled an amazing overtaking maneuvre on leeward for a photo-finish just seconds ahead of Ikaroa. This rewarded her with a well-deserved 2nd place. The lighter and faster boats struggled to stretch their lead on the cruisers, with Arbudhen emerging as the best of the rest, securing 3rd place after corrected time.

The return of Shardana livened things up in the IRC Class, giving front-runners Waka Tere and Jong Dee a run for their money. Shardana’s best efforts could only reward her with a 3rd on the podium, bested by Jong Dee’s line honours and eventual 2nd place on corrected time. Waka Tere wins by a slim 49 seconds ahead of Jong Dee, making it an extra-sweet victory for the former. She now leads the overall standings with 2 points from 2 races. If Waka Tere continues her fine form in the Round Ubin Race, she looks poised to take overall victory in the IRC Class.

Congratulations to all the winners, we look forward to consolidating the results and crowning 2019’s Signature Sunday Series Champions on 20th January!


Beach Cats/Weta
Cruising Multihull

Overall Signature Sunday Series Standings

Beach Catamaran
Cruising Multihull


NTU Basic Sailing Course Jan 2019

On 7th January, we conducted our very first 2019 Basic Sailing Course for NTU students. Students learn the ropes over a gruelling 3 days – overcoming strong north-easterly winds and a tight schedule to emerge as newly minted Level 1 Proficient Dinghy Sailors! The Students were treated to a short introductory sail on the Platus on the afternoon of the last day, giving them a taste of keelboat sailing!

Congratulations to the 4 NTU Boys – we look forward to seeing all of you when you return to sail regularly with the NTU Sailing Club!

Signature Sunday Series – Felkin Buoy Race

What an amazing way to kick-start the North-East Monsoon Sailing Festival! A consistent 12-15 knot breeze filled in early in the morning, setting the stage for a wonderful day of sailing along the East Johor Straits.

The Signature Sunday Series consist of 3 passage races unique to our locale. They are the Felkin Buoy Race, Round Tekong Race and Round Ubin Race. It has grown in participation over the years, with this year’s Felkin Buoy Race having 26 boats in participation. A downwind start for all classes made it a thrilling countdown from the first warning signal, as boats scrambled to avoid each other in the heavy winds and set up their kites at the same time.

In the IRC Class, Waka Tere and Born in Fire kept us on the edge of our seats at the finish line – with the former pulling off an overtaking maneuver on the last stretch to cross with line honours 4 seconds ahead of Born in Fire. She went on to take handicap victory as well, ahead of Born in Fire and Jong Dee in 2nd & 3rd respectively.

Sangaree survived a protest and late surge by Defiance to secure 3rd in the PY Class. This was despite winning line honours ahead of the IRC Boats. The heavier boats lapped up the conditions, as defending champions Ikaroa started off their campaign on a good note – drawing first blood by winning the Felkin Buoy Race barely a minute ahead of 2nd placed Southern Light after corrected time. If the winds stay this way over the next 2 weeks, they will be the boats to beat.

Firefly was off to a flying start for 2019, taking line honours and 3rd place on corrected time in the Cruising Multihull Class. She was bested by the blistering pace of the chasing Corsairs, as Eeepai kept it close all the way to finish for a well-deserved victory. AbraCaDeborah completed the podium in a not-too-distant 3rd.

The fastest fleet yesterday did not disappoint, as 2018 Signature Sundays Champion Stray Catz completed the course in 1hr 38mins 41secs to take 1st place in the Beach Catamaran Class. It could have been Madfish II’s victory – if not for a very bad (wide) mark rounding at Felkin, allowing Stray Catz to overtake and slip into 2nd. 3rd place went to last year’s Felkin Buoy Race winner, Persian Cat. 3 Wetas raced with us as well – with R2D2 taking 1st place comfortably ahead of The Blue Bug. We look forward to seeing more of them over the next few weeks!

Thank you everyone for participating, we’re excited to conquer the Round Tekong Race with all of you on 13th January!

IRC Felkin 2019
PY Felkin 2019
Cruising Multihull Felkin 2019
Beach Catamaran & Weta Felkin 2019



Hangover Race 2019

Light and shifty winds plagued the course on New Year’s Day, leaving sailors with the challenging task of navigating the Pennant 5 Course.

Despite the heavy night celebrating the New Year, we had a strong fleet of 10 boats in the PY Class. Starting the year with a victory was Arbudhen, who also raced and partied with us on New Year’s Eve. In 2nd place was none other than New Blue Eyes – having sorted out their engine issues, they’re all ready for the upcoming racing season! Completing the podium in 3rd was Minx, much to the delight of Skipper Lucas Van Maarschalkerweerd.

In the IRC Class, Waka Tere led from start to finish to claim first place with a comfortable 23min buffer after corrected time. Judging by their performance, she is the yacht to beat in the new year. The Cruising Multihulls were represented by 2 boats, 1 M23 and 1 Corsair 28. The latter emerged victorious, as Miss Visayan made it 2 wins in 2 days. Last but not least, Stray Catz took 1st place in the Beach Catamaran category, finishing with line honours and a comfortable lead over Bryan Ngu’s Nacra 15.

We hope everyone had an enjoyable Hangover Race – see you on the 6th whereby we commence the Sailing Festival with the Signature Sundays Felkin Buoy Race!


Cruising Multihull
Beach Catamaran

NYE Twilight Race & Countdown Party

If we could describe the NYE Twilight Race in 1 word: CHALLENGING.

The race started off looking very promising, with a North-Easterly breeze coming in after a heavy bout of rain from the west. But the sailors did not stay dry for long, as they encountered another big weather system from the west, getting absolutely drenched on the 2nd leg. Throughout the race, skippers had to master the oscillating winds and conflicting weather systems to get ahead of each other – a small mistake is all it takes to lose time.

In the IRC Class, it was a thrilling battle between 3 very different boats – Shardana (Dufour 34), SkyBird (Dehler 34) & Notus (Platu 25). As the fastest-rated boat in the fleet, Shardana took an early lead after the start, establishing some distance between her and the chasing SkyBird. Some good calls by SkyBird on the penultimate leg closed the gap and eventually earned her tied-first with Shardana on corrected time.

The PY Class sees Arbudhen take victory – with his steaming light on. It was an effective Father-Daughter combo as sister yacht Sapphire Star sailed 2-up superbly to take 2nd place. Eagle sailed in her maiden race to a podium finish, completing the PY winners in 3rd. Miss Visayan flew the flag high for the Cruising Multihull Class – first and last in a fleet of one.

The evening festivities gradually took over after racing, starting with a Photobooth for guests to make some memories to take home. Followed by a sumptuous buffet spread well put together by the ever-reliable Coachman Inn Restaurant, paired with free-flowing beer and champagne got everyone grooving in no time. The Emcee kept things entertaining throughout the night with the games/lucky draw in between live-music sets by Jam Tyme. Keeping up with the annual tradition – Honorary Secretary Ad Smit sounded the air horn signal at 5 minutes to midnight – signalling the start sequence to 2019!

We’d like to extend a big thank you to all members & friends who ushered in the New Year with us. Also many thanks to our business partners for sponsoring the prizes for the Lucky Draw segment and last but not least, Coachman Inn for the delicious food and impeccable service all night.

CSC is excited to kick off the North-East Monsoon Sailing Festival with the Signature Sunday Series this weekend. See you on the 6th!

Cruising Multihull

CSC Optimist Championships Silver Fleet – Day 3

On the 3rd and final day, the preferred north-east conditions continue to elude race organizers, having to settle for a course set in a light northerly breeze to complete the last 2 races.

Caden Tan made amends for Day 2’s results, sailing a superb 2 races today to notch 2 bullets and seal the Silver Fleet Championships victory. John Wong maintained a comfortable 7 point lead over Caleb Ng in 3rd, rounding off the top 3. Strong currents and light winds dealt a brutal hand to the lower half of the fleet in Race 9, with many sailors struggling to finish within the time limit.

In the Junior Mixed Division, 5th to 2nd were all from MOESSC, with Brandon Lee taking 5th place, Gabi Oh finishing in 4th  Abigail Ling in 3rd, Lucas Quek in 2nd and breaking the top 10 overall. The best performer in the Junior mixed Division went to Nicole Lim Xinyi from SAFYC, securing 1st place and 5th overall.

Overall, our best performing CSC sailor was Christine Anne Tan in 23rd, whose experience from many regattas reflected in her results, posting consistently in the top half of the fleet. Our first-timers exceeded expectations to sweep the top 4 out of 5 in the Novice Mixed Division – for first-time racers in a ranking event. 5th place went to Harumitsu Fuchikami from SAFYC. In 4th place, we have Tupil Yohan Ayush. Just 3 points ahead in 3rd was Nadia Chan. Angyal Chew placed 2nd and Natasha Kemp rounded off the Novice Mixed Division winners in 1st place. All 4 sailors represent Changi Sailing Club – we are super proud of them! We would also like to acknowledge the hard work put in by all the CSC sailors over the intensive CSC optimist training camp and this regatta, we hope you enjoyed your first racing experience!

Congratulations to all the winners, and a big thank you to Xtreme Sailing Products for sponsoring the prizes once again. We would also like to thank Uncle Mike for officiating as Jury over the past few days, keeping the sailors disciplined on water. Last but not least, thank you all sailors, coaches and parents being a part of the CSC Optimist Championships.


Day 3 Final Results 2018

CSC Optimist Championships Silver Fleet – Day 2

The north-easterly breeze continues to play hide and seek with us, as wind conditions were shifty and inconsistent earlier this afternoon.

Day 2 of the Silver Fleet Championships sees a shuffle in the results, with Day 1’s leader Caden Tan losing his comfortable lead after a disappointing performance. Caleb Ng from MOESSC cruised his way into the top 3 with another bullet in today’s first race, adding to his two bullets from Day 1. This in addition to discarding the BFD from Race 2, puts him on 34 points in 3rd.

The rest of the fleet posted mixed results, having to contend with shifty winds and strong currents. Today’s top performer from CSC goes to Christine Tan! 2 races in the top 20 pushes her into 22nd place, a good improvement from yesterday. The rest of the CSC sailors are not far behind, with 6 more sailors placing in the top 40.

1 more day and 2 more races for the Silver Fleet – enjoy the photos and see you tomorrow!


Day 2 Results – Optimist Silver 2018

CSC Optimist Championship Silver Fleet – Day 1

The 2018 CSC Optimist Championship Silver Fleet got off to a flying start today, as 79 sailors battled it out at loyang basin over 4 races. Changi Sailing Club fields their biggest squad ever with a total of 16 sailors racing in the Silver Fleet. 13 of the 16 sailors were sailing in their maiden ranking event – what better way to do it than on home ground!

The wind conditions reflected the prevailing weather forecast for this time of the year, a persistent incoming north-easterly breeze coupled with occasional showers.  Strong outgoing tides and a careless fleet meant that there was a large number of BFDs in Race 2, totaling 13 sailors.

Caden Tan emerged tops after day 1, leading the fleet after 4 races, scoring 2 bullets in Race 1 & 2 with a total of 7 points. The chasing pack is another large contingent of SAFYC sailors from 2nd to 6th, all boasting consistent top 20 results.

Further down the standings, Our best performing CSC sailor Angyal Chew sits in 23rd, an amazing result considering this is her first national ranking event! Scoring her best finish of 11th in Race 2, this should be a big encouragement for her to continue doing her best over the remaining 2 days. The rest of the CSC squad are not far behind, Yohan placing 28th, and Nadia placing 30th to round off the top 30.

With 5 races and 2 days to go, anything can happen. But whatever the results, always remember to go out there and enjoy the sailing!


Race 1-4 Optimist Silver 2018


CSC Optimist Racing Camp 2018

18 of our CSC Youth Sailors took part in what was our biggest racing camp in recent history. It also coincides with the final Monthly Dinghy Race for 2018, consolidating the overall winners for the year in Optimist and Open Divisions. The CSC Optimist Racing Camp is an annual event aimed at preparing sailors for the upcoming CSC Optimist Championships, which will see the club host 79 sailors in the Silver Fleet and 68 sailors in the Gold Fleet.
Out of our 18 camp participants, 16 will be taking part in the Silver Fleet Championships and 13 of them are first time racing in a national ranking event!
Many thanks to our Head Coach Jhing, Junior Coach Zandra, parents, staff and operations crew for helping to make this sailing camp a roaring success!
Last but not least, all the best to our young charges racing under the CSC Flag tomorrow – Good Start, Good Finish!