Visiting Yachts Information

Welcome to Changi Sailing Club!  Our friendly atmosphere will make you feel welcomed the moment you set foot on our shores.

All foreign yachts are required to inform Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore 24-hours before arrival.  All yachts must carry an Automatic Indication System (AIS) coming into Singapore waters or the HARTS transponder.  Boat owners and crew are required to obtain their port clearance from the Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore upon arrival and Customs / Immigration clearance at “Changi General Purpose Anchorage “.

Temporary Mooring with the Club

Swing mooring may be available for visiting yachts with a LOA of up to 50-foot.  However, a reservation via fax or email is required before departure from the last port of call indicating your estimated arrival date to:

Fax: +65 6542 4235
Tel: +65 6545 2876

Mooring fee is S$20.00 + 7% Good and Services Tax (GST) = S$21.40 / per day

The Club provides daily ferry service:
Operation hours:     8:30am to 8.30pm daily

For Ferry service please call on VHF channel 77.  Anchoring within the Club’s mooring area is prohibited.

Temporary Membership

All visitors are required to be temporary members of the Club during the duration of stay.  Please report to the Club Front Office for registration and provide the necessary information as detailed below:

  1. The particulars of the visiting yacht as required in attached Form A to be filled in by the yacht owner.
  2. An application for Temporary / Membership for each crew member using Form B

The temporary membership fee is $5.00 + 7% GST = $5.35 per person per day. A temporary membership card will be issued for identification purpose and has to be produced when requested.  Visitors are not allowed to carry out any form of charter business during their stay.

 Download Foreign Visiting Yacht Registration Form